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مزایای داشتن کیملیک و پاسپورت ترکیه

4 Advantages of Turkish Passport

Advantages of Turkish Passport and Turkish ID

Considering the high desire of people from around the world to get Turkish citizenship , we decided to introduce you to the benefits of Turkish citizenship ID and passport in Turkey.

The advantages of having a Turkish citizenship can be reviewed in several sections.

  • Use of all international banking and business facilities
  • Use of Turkey’s almost free public health system
  • Having all the rights of Turkish citizens
  • Ease of travel to all parts of the world

Use of all international banking and business facilities

Under the shadow of global sanctions against the Russia and Islamic Republic of Iran, today it is almost impossible for the citizens of mentioned countries to use the most basic and simple international banking services. In this regard, many banks in Turkey and the world do not even open bank accounts for Iranians and Russians … let alone receiving and transferring money from/to other banks!!! Therefore, with a Turkish passport in your hand, you can open a bank account in all the banks of the world without any restrictions, and besides currency transfers, you can also benefit from facilities such as receiving bank facilities.

Benefits of Turkish passport, especially businessmen will no longer face most of the banking problems in transferring and receiving foreign currency that they used to have.

Use of Turkey’s almost free public health system

In recent years, the Turkish government has been able to raise the medical and health standards even higher than many European countries by investing heavily in the healthcare system. Along with the construction of five-, six- and seven-star private hospitals, very stylish and modern public hospitals have been built. This has caused Turkey to receive 8 billion dollars from medical tourism alone.

Also, many reforms have been made in the insurance sector and have made all citizens of Turkey benefit from free treatment. It is better to know that the cost of many drugs for incurable diseases such as cancer, MS, as well as children’s orthodontics and even laboratory pregnancy, etc., are provided free of charge to Turkish citizens. As a result, one of the advantages of having a Turkish ID and a Turkish passport is the use of the above-mentioned medical facilities.

Having all the rights of Turkish citizens

Having the same rights and rights as Turkish citizens, such as voting in elections, free education, free treatment, etc., are among the other benefits of having a Kymlik and a Turkish passport.

Ease of travel to all parts of the world

Parallel to the rapid economic, cultural, social and… development of Turkey in the last 20 years, the value of the passport of this country has also taken an upward trend. To the extent that today, with a Turkish passport, you can enter 116 countries out of 195 countries easily or without a visa. Among these 116 countries, there are also very beautiful tourist destinations. It should be noted that according to the Global Passport Power Rank.

Another advantage of having Turkish passport and citizenship is traveling in 3 ways to most countries of the world.

  • No need for a visa: traveling to these countries is possible without the need for a visa, and you will only need to buy a ticket to the destination country.
  • Visa at the entry borders: In this type of passenger visa, you get a visa after getting off the plane in the passport section of the airport control. In fact, traveling to these countries is practically no different from visa-free countries.
  • Obtaining a visa online: Before traveling, just apply online to obtain a visa. In this case, your visa will be sent online. When you travel, you only need to print it in your hand.

If you are a citizen of Turkey but have not received a passport, you can travel to the following 5 European countries even without a passport:

  • Georgia
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Azerbaijanمزایای داشتن کیملیک و پاسپورت ترکیه
Advantages of Turkish Passport

Keep in mind that having a Turkish passport not only makes it easier to travel in the countries listed below, but it will also make your job much easier when applying for a visa from European countries, Australia, and North America.

The list of countries that do not require a visa:





–          Andora –          Antigua and Barbuda  –          Azarbaijan –          Botswana
– Bosnia and Herzegovina –          Argentina –          Bahrain –          Algeria
–          Belarus –          Bahamas –          East Timor –          South Africa
–          Montenegro –          Belize –          Armenia –          Kenya
–          North Cyprus –          Bolivia –          Philippines –          Mauritius
–          Macedinia –          Brazil –          Palestine –          Seychelles
–          Moldovia –          Dominican –          Hong Kong –          Swaziland
–          Serbia –          Ecuador –          Iraq –          Tunes
–          Ukrain –          El Salvador –          Iran –          Egypt
–          Kosovo –          Uruguay –          Japan  
–          Georgia –          Venezuela –          Cambodia  
–          Albania –          Trinidad and Tobacco –          Qatar  
–          Saint Lucia –          Kazakhstan  
–          Peru –        Kyrgyzstan  
–          Paraguay –          South Korea  
–          Panama –          Macao  
–          Nicaraguay –          Maldives  
–          Mexico –          Lebanon  
–          Colombia –          Malesia  
–          Costa Rica –          Mongolia  
–          Jamaica –          Singapore  
–          Guatemala –          Sri Lanka  
–          Haiti –          Syria  
–          Honduras –          Thailand  
–          Taiwan  
–          Oman  
–          Jordan  
–          Uzbekistan  
–          Brunei  
–          Indonesia  
–          Fiji  

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