سوالات متداول در باره ترکیه
سوالات متداول در باره قبرس شمالی

I have a son under 18 years old. If my son becomes a citizen of Turkey, will he be required to serve in the military?

Yes, if your son obtains Turkish citizenship before the age of 22, he will be subject to military service in Turkey. But according to the new law that was approved in 2019, military service can be purchased for all Turkish citizens without any preconditions for the payment of 4,000 euros. In this case, the eligible person should be sent for military service for only 15 days to learn basic topics.

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Why should I buy my property through a reputable real estate agency?

Buying through a registered company, such as a reputable real estate company, has several advantages:

  • You can see a wide range of properties that match your criteria, not just from one developer.
  • Our experience is in your favor as our staff will fully support you to choose the best house.

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What is the cost of living in Turkey?

Currently, Turkey is not a cheap country. The cost of living in Turkey is like other European country, and it is very important to know the markets and choose the services that fit your budget. In this regard, our company will provide you with the necessary guidance.

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Will the property I bought in Turkey be inherited?

Yes, all the properties we sell in Turkey will be inherited.

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In Turkey, what are the side costs of title deed transfer to foreigners?

Costs related to the buyer: The cost of translating the passport, preparing an official expert’s report for the real valuation of the property, the cost of a special translator for the registry office to assist in the transfer of the title deed, and the cost of the notary’s office in total is about 0.5% of the property’s value. It should be noted that the mentioned amount does not include the commission of real estate companies. The cost of transferring the title deed for the purpose of registering the document is paid to the registry office, which is 4% of the total amount entered on the title deed document. The annual property tax fee is calculated according to the value of the property, and the payment of all these fees will be in line with obtaining the title deed to the government and will not have any relation to the relevant real estate companies.

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Is the price and size of the unit purchased in Turkey effective in receiving “residence permit”?

No, after naming the title deed document in the name of a family member or individual family members, the whole family receives Turkish residence. The only condition is to buy a property worth more than 75 thousand dollars and include it in the property title deed document. Also, for investments above 400,000 (four hundred thousand) dollars, Turkish citizenship and passport are granted to all family members (wife and children under 18).

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Is it possible to establish an investment company in Turkey?

Yes, if you want to invest in Turkey professionally, Land Invester, a subsidiary company of Century 21 Global , can help you register a Turkish company. Therefore, you can easily engage in business and investment activities in Turkey.

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When choosing a region to buy property in Turkey, do you recommend a specific region for customers?

YesThe experts of our company, by studying and researching the localities and regions of Turkish cities, depending on educational centers, shopping, entertainment, public transportation, and also investigating the added value of real estate in the future, have prepared projects and areas in the city level that are compared to According to the taste and budget of buyers, suitable options are introduced.

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Is it possible to receive the tıtle deed document before the completion of the project in Turkey?

Yes, in some projects, the buyer can receive purchased property tıtle deed before the completion of the project and benefit from the legal benefits of buying real estate in Turkey, such as obtaining residence, opening a bank account, etc.

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When can I follow up on the request for Turkish residence?

After receiving the title deed (Tapu) or signing the contract with the construction company, provided that the property purchase contract is approved by the notary, you will have the right to apply for residence.

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What are the methods of obtaining short-term residence in Turkey?

  • Scientific research
  • Foreign nationals who buy real estate in Turkey
  • Residence with economic purpose and business creation
  • Participation in educational courses
  • Student accommodation
  • Accommodation for tourist purposes

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What are the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

  • Through the purchase of property in Turkey
  • Through investments in Turkish banks
  • Through entrepreneurship and starting a business in Türkiye
  • through marriage with a Turkish citizen

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Is it possible to get a bank loan?

The buyer can use the purchase loan in two ways and postpone the payment of part of the transaction price to the future:

Obtaining a loan from the property developer

Receive loans from banks in Turkey

For genuine foreign buyers who are not able to prove their income in Turkey, unfortunately it is not possible to get a loan from Turkish banks, but part of the builders have considered a facility in paying the total amount of the purchase.

The buyer can pay a certain percentage of the total purchase price, which is different for each project, and pay the rest either monthly (these installments can continue even after the delivery of the property) or the buyer can lease his property to the property developer for a certain period of time. to rent The income from this type of rent is considered as the remaining amount of the purchase.

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How much is the real estate company comission fee in Turkiye?

According to the official law of buying and selling in Turkey, registered and official real estate agencies are allowed to receive a total amount of 4% of the actual sale price + 18% of the related tax (4.72% in total), which is shared equalle between the buyer and the seller.

Our advice to you is to buy only through reputable agencies that have unique monitoring systems to prevent possible abuses by their members and employees.

Land Invester, which operates under the supervision of the Century 21 Global company, receives the same rates in all transactions, both for Turkish citizens and for foreigners, in accordance with the government’s approval.

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Who can buy property in Turkey?

Except for the three countries of North Korea, Armenia and Syria, which do not have warm and proper diplomatic relations with Turkey, all nationalities can buy real estate in Turkey.

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How to buy property in Turkey?

Turkey’s macro policies are trying to attract foreign capital through appropriate mechanisms, laws and facilities, which has provided a suitable opportunity for those interested in investing and living in Turkey. Land Invester company, our specialized departments will be by your side in all stages of property purchase and residence and obtaining a Turkish passport.

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What are the restrictions on buying property by foreigners in Turkey?

  • A foreign citizens in Turkey can buy a property with a maximum area of 30 hectares.
  • Foreign nationals are not allowed to buy property in military or security areas of Turkey. In the case of renting, it is also possible with the issuance of special permits.
  • Foreign nationals who purchase land or property as natural persons can purchase a maximum of 10% of area in a district or region.
  • There is no limit for the amount in the law.

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What are the procedures for buying property in Turkey?

After choosing the property under the supervision of experts and expert lawyers of Land Invester company, by reserving the property, our company will execute the process of the property document. A contract will be concluded between the seller and the buyer. In the mentioned contract, all the details related to the method of payment and the date of delivery of the property and other conditions will be provided. As soon as the contract is signed by the parties and the contract amount is paid, the process of applying for the property Title Deed will begin. In this way, the Real Estate Registry Office will allow you to obtain the ownership of a property in Turkey with clarification. If needed, you can imagine the process of receiving a Title Deed by giving a power of attorney through your lawyer so that the lawyer can complete the administrative procedures as soon as possible.

According to the new Turkish real estate law, foreign nationals must obtain permission from the military command headquarters for the property not to be close to military areas. Therefore, all military and security areas have been registered in the land and real estate registry. Therefore, foreign nationals can receive their title deed within 2-3 days thanks to the designation of authorized areas

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What will I do after buying a property in Turkey?

  • Buying a property above 400 thousand dollars: the buyer along with his wife and children under 18 years of age will have the right to get Turkish citizenship and passport. In this case, they will benefit from all the rights of a Turkish citizen and will no longer need to obtain residence.
  • Buying a property below 400 thousand dollars: It is very easy for foreigners who buy property in Turkey to obtain a residence permit. Foreigners who buy a property in Turkey will easily be able to obtain residence permit with specific extension periods. Also, they can easily get accommodation for all their family members. The children of these families can study in different educational centers and levels of Turkey through this stay. On the other hand, it will be easier for these people to work and they will be able to obtain a work permit.

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