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اطلاعات کوتاه و مفید در باره منطقه کادیکوی

Most beautiful district Kadikoy Istanbul things to do

Kadikoy Istanbul things to do and brief history

Kadikoy area: a lively and cosmopolitan area in the Asian part of Istanbul

As Land Invester Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of the world’s largest real estate company, Century 21, we have tried to introduce you to some regions and cities in Turkey. In this article, we will take a brief look at the Kadikoy Istanbul things to do , brief Kadikoy history and facts about Kadikoy. If you are looking for a place to experience authentic and rich culture in Istanbul, Kadikoy is the right destination for you.

Kadikoy district is located in the Asian part of Istanbul. This area is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful areas of Istanbul. The highest average price per square meter of property in Istanbul is related to the Kadikoy area along with the Besiktas area (European part).

Kadikoy is a large region, with a mostly young and colorful population of different ethnic groups from around the world, on the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara. The Kadikoy history with rich and ancient background dating back to 685 BC, when the Greeks founded it under the name Chalcedon, meaning “City of the Blind”. It was later conquered by Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders and Turks, and in 1928 it became part of the borders of Istanbul.

اطلاعات کوتاه و مفید در باره منطقه کادیکوی

Today, Kadikoy is one of the most popular and colorful areas of Istanbul with its lively atmosphere and modern urban life, historical monuments, cultural and artistic events, shopping centers, cafes, pubs and restaurants by the sea, lively nightlife by the sea. Is. “Famous Street of Bars” next to the beautiful street of Bagdad and Moda neighborhood which is in the center of Kadikoy. Kadikoy area is also one of the important centers for transportation, by ferry, bus, metro, tram and train to other parts of the city.

How to go to Istanbul Kadikoy?

If you want to visit the Kadikoy area and you are faced with the question “how to go to Kadikoy in Istanbul”, in this section we have collected different ways to go to the Kadikoy area by means of public transport from different parts of Istanbul:

Going to Kadikoy by ferry:

You can go to Kadikoy district from Eminönü or Karaköy or Beşiktaş piers on the European side or from Üsküdar pier on the Asian side.

Going to Kadikoy by metro:

Another way to go to Kadikoy is by metro from Yenikapi or Aksaray on the European side or from Pendik or Kaynarca on the Asian side to Kadikoy area.

Going to Kadikoy by bus:

You can go to Kadıköy area by using the metro from Taksim or Mecidiyeköy stations in the European part, as well as from Ümraniye or Kartal metro stations in the Asian part.

Going to Kadikoy by Dolmuş:

Using the vans available in different areas of the city such as Taksim, you can go directly to Kadikoy at a relatively high speed. Of course, do not choose this option during peak traffic hours.

Going to Kadikoy by city train:

Finally, you can take the Marmara train from Halkali on the European side or from Gebze on the Asian side and get off at the train stations within the Kadikoy region, namely Söğütlüçeşme, Feneryolu, Göztepe, Erenköy, Suadiye, Bostanci.

Sightseeing places in Kadikoy, Istanbul

There are many places to visit in Kadikoy, be it historical, artistic, shopping, or entertainment, etc. Some of the sights of Kadikoy are as follows:

  • Baghdad Street, Kadikoy shopping street, which is not only the most beautiful street in this area, but also the most beautiful street in Turkey and even one of the most beautiful shopping streets in the world. This very beautiful and green street is known as the Champs-Élysées of Türkiye. The existence of stores with luxury and well-known global brands and countless restaurants and cafes all over Bagdad Street has made many wealthy and wealthy people of Istanbul choose this area to live. For this reason, this area has the highest level of life security in the whole of Istanbul, and it also has the lowest crime statistics in the whole of Istanbul.
خیابان بغداد در کادیکوی

  • Kadikoy District Center Stroll around its main square, where you can see the iconic Haydarpaşa Train Terminal, a historic railway station built in 1908 by German architects in the neoclassical style. You can also visit the bronze statue of Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, erected in 1933.
اطلاعات کوتاه و مفید در باره منطقه کادیکوی

  • Ride the nostalgic tram along Bahariyeh Street, a pedestrian street considered the “Independence Street on the Asian side of Istanbul.” Baharieh Street is full of shops, cafes, pubs and cultural centers. You can also visit the Sureyya Opera House, a beautiful building that was designed as an opera house in 1927 but was used as a movie theater for many years before being restored to its original function in 2007.
kadikoy istanbul things to do

  • Visit Kadikoy Market where you can find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to fish, spices, cheese, sweets and more. With its lively and diverse atmosphere, this market is also known as “Beyoglu on the Asian side of Istanbul”. Don’t miss the famous fish market, where you can buy or eat the freshest seafood in town.
Land Invester Kadikoy District Bazaar

  • Telalzadeh Street, where you can check out antique shops and second-hand bookstores. You can also find ceramics, paintings, and lovely art shops from local artists on Sanatchilar Street (Artists).

خانه اپرای ثریا کادیکوی

  • Relax at Moda Beach Park, a lush oasis by the sea with stunning views of the city skyline. You can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at one of the many beachside cafes or take a stroll along Moda Pier. If you fell in love with this area, we have a lot of offers for moda apartments for sale.
Land Invester Kadikoy District Moda Sahil

  • The bull statue is one of the most famous symbols of Kadikoy district of Istanbul. This statue has an interesting story that most tourists don’t know about. The Kadikoy bull statue was created by a French artist in the 1860s in Paris to symbolize France’s victory over Germany and to symbolize France’s power. But in the 1870s, Germany won the war against France, and in this way, the Kadikoy bull statue was taken from France to Germany! Until in 1917, the German Empire gave this statue to the Union and Promotion Committee, and finally that committee also gifted this statue to Anwar Pasha (one of the Ottoman commanders). But Enver Pasha, who was out of Turkey during World War I, left this statue in the garden of his palace, and this statue was completely forgotten. Until 50 years later, this statue was taken to the Istanbul Hilton Hotel in the Taksim area, and then moved to the Lotfi Kardar Congress Center in Istanbul and then to the Gezi Park in Taksim. In the 1970s, it was sent to the Kadikoy area of Istanbul and the garden of the municipal building, and finally in 1990, after traveling around the world, it was installed in the current location in the Kadikoy area of Istanbul.
مجسمه گاو نر در کادیکوی استانبول

  • Baris Manco House Museum in Muda is another interesting place in Kadikoy region. Barış Manço has been one of the most popular singers in Türkiye. His house, which is in Moda neighborhood, has now become a museum after his death in 1999. This museum was formed because the memory of this famous artist will live forever. Anyway, if you are interested in this Turkish singer, we suggest you to visit this small and beautiful museum.
موزه خانه باریش مانچو

  • Have fun at Bar Street, where you can find some of the best nightlife in Istanbul. Whether you’re looking for live music, karaoke, dance clubs or pubs, you’ll find something to suit your mood and taste here. Bar Street is especially lively on weekends and attracts a young and energetic crowd.
Istanbul Kadikoy at Night


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