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خرید ملک با رمز ارزهای دیجیتالی و بیت کوین در ترکیه  

6 Steps to Buy Property in Crypto in Turkey

Introduction Did you know that you can buy property in crypto in Turkey such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether? In today’s world, with the increasing development of financial technologies, there are various payment methods for buying and selling property. One of these new and popular methods is the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in real…

بهترین مناطق برای زندگی در استانبول

Ranking of the best areas to live in Istanbul

A study for determining best neighborhoods in Istanbul and other Cities of Turkey Socio-Economic Development Studies (SEGE) are conducted to determine the ranking and scoring of all regions, cities and provinces of Turkey, in other words, ranking the worst and best areas to live in Istanbul with family and other Turkish cities. The study of…

شرایط کار در ترکیه و شرایط کار و اشتغال در ترکیه

Employment in Turkey

General Terms of Work Permit and Employment in Turkey Due to Turkey’s proximity to Middle East and Europe and the relatively good economic conditions of Turkey, a large number of people from neighborhood countries intend to work and find employment in Turkey. Ease of travel to Turkey, cultural proximity, mild climate, etc. make neighboring countries…

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